The Irish Center is at a Crossroads. The current facility and business cannot be sustained long term, and the future of the Irish Center in San Francisco is at stake. It is time for a bold move. It is time to think big.

It is time for the Irish Center 2025 Project.

The future Starts Now

  Established 1975 | Re-Established 2025

The whole Irish American community is buzzing with optimism since we revealed a bold new visionary proposal to rebuild The Center. While the Building Working Group committee explored several options in the Spring of 2021, the option to redevelop the existing site was the concept that made most sense. A new building provides the community with a greater variety of spaces devoted to cultural programming uses that is currently not available.

One of the options during the period of discovery and brainstorming was to sell the existing building and move elsewhere in the city or develop a new center outside the city. This option did not enthuse or energize the group. Neither did the idea of remodeling the center or adding couple of more floors to the existing structure. The reasoning was the high cost of rehabbing the building and tearing everything back to the studs to structurally support the addition of any new floors on top of the existing structure.

Pre-construction cost analysis for the new building comes in at $60 million dollars. The grand redevelopment plan proposed by Redmond Lyons and his committee calls on the entire community to contribute and participate with their Time, Talent or Treasure. Many in the community will be able to donate money to help rebuild, but there are others who have graciously already offered their time and talents to the committee to rebuild the Center.

Check back here for updates on the 2025 Project and ways you can contribute your Time, Talent or Treasure.


Initial Concepts to help convey the potential for the new space

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Initial Concepts

45th at Wawona


Initial Concepts

45th at Sloat


Initial Concepts

Wawona St.


Initial Concepts

Interior Lobby


Initial Concepts

Emerald Pub



Initial Concepts

St. Patrick’s Room


Initial Concepts



Initial Concepts

Gym & Cafe


Initial Concepts

Roof Restaurant


Initial Concepts

Digital Arts Space


Initial Concepts

Reading Room


Initial Concepts

Aquatics Center


Initial Concepts

Lobby & Shoppe


Initial Concepts

45th at Wawona


Form Generation & Inspiration

Initial Concepts.

Irish Center 2025 Project 3D Virtual Fly-Through


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2025 Project Launch Party - Aug 28, 2021

Launch party for the Irish Center 2025 Project

UICC Public Meeting - May 7, 2021

Public Meeting to discuss the future of the Irish Center


Please consider a Pledge to The 2025 Project. Download the PLEDGE FORM,  fill in the details and send it to us (options on the form) and we will contact you as soon as possible. If you have any questions please email us


Narratives highlighting culture and heritage as experienced by our members and the community.

What the Lord Mayor of Cork had to say about the Irish Center 2025 Project!

What’s The Word? 

Kayla Smith: “The History at the UICC is incredible.”

A Member Minute 

Derry Philpott: “The 1st Wagon train was the Sullivan Wagon Train in the 1850s…”

A Member Minute

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